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Sassa status check is updated for March 2024. The government of South Africa has announced the Sassa grant status on the official SASSA website. Check Sassa status online and be aware of your grant approval. If you are seeing “Sassa status approved” for the SRD R350 grant then also check your Sassa payment status. Applicants who see “bank details pending” status then add their banking details.

SASSA Payment Status Check for SRD R350

You have landed on the right website if you are looking for a Sassa payment status check. We have made this Sassa website for those applicants who want to know their SRD grant application status.

If you have applied for the Sassa grant application then it is time to know your Sassa SRD status. The payment for the SRD grant is R350 and it will be deposited to the beneficiary bank account between the 25 to 28 of every month.

For those who were rejected previously, they need to appeal for reconsideration. After the appeal, you need to check your Sassa reconsideration status online regularly.

How to Check Sassa Status Online?

We love our South African brothers and sisters. That is why we have created this Sassa website to help them with Sassa status check related stuff. There is no need to worry when we are around you. Let’s explore the easy and beginner’s guide on Sassa status check.

Step 1 – Visit Official Website www.srd.sassa.gov.za:

Applicants need to visit the official website when they are urging to know their Sassa status for the SRD grant. They should use a smartphone device and then open the web browser. Type “srd.sassa.gov.za” and press the enter button.

Step 2 – Choose Between ID Card/Green ID Book or Asylum Seekers/Special Permit Holders:

You can not check your Sassa status until you confirm your South African nationality. Choose whether you are a permanent resident or you are an asylum seeker. Now check out both options.

Step 2.1 – If You Are a South African ID Holder:

  1. Go to the next page and look for “Application status”.
  2. Click on the “click here to check online” button.
  3. Now you should be landed on “https://srd.sassa.gov.za/sc19/status”.
  4. Here you can check Sassa status online.
  5. Enter your South African ID number in the first upper box.
  6. Enter your SRD application phone number in the below box.
  7. Now click on the submit button to get an OTP code on your mobile phone number.
  8. You need to provide that code and then you will be served with your Sassa grant application status.

Step 2.2 – For Asylum Seekers and Special Permit Holders:

  1. You will go to the next page where you will find “Lookup Payment ID to collect payment at Pick ‘n Pay”.
  2. If you are a special permit holder then provide your passport number.
  3. If you are an asylum seeker then enter your file number.
  4. Also, enter your phone number and click on the submit button.
  5. You should get your OTP and find your application status.
  6. You can collect your payment from Pick ‘n Pay.

Step 3 – Appeal for Reconsideration If Sassa Status Declined

Don’t worry if your status is declined. You still have the right to appeal for reconsideration. This will help you to get your R350 payment if you are rejected due to any mistake.

  1. Visit the SRD web portal.
  2. Now enter your ID number with your phone number.
  3. Enter your passport number or file number.
  4. Sassa will send you a one-time password to verify it’s you.
  5. Enter the OTP password and fill in the reconsideration application form.
  6. Submit the form.

Now keep updated with your appeal status. Try to check Sassa reconsideration status every day and make sure to visit our website for this purpose.

Best Time To Check SRD R350 Status Online

If you are facing rush or busy lines while checking your SRD status you need to know what hours are available without a rush. Choose these day hours and check your SRD status:

Monday4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Tuesday5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Wednesday3:00 PM to 8:00 PM

What is an ID Number for SASSA Grant Status?

The ID number is a 13-digit code that refers to the South African Identity Document number (ID number) issued by the Department of Home Affairs. This unique identification number is crucial for individuals applying for social grants or accessing other government services. Here is an example of the SASSA ID number:

SASSA Grant Application Status Explained

We often found emails from our visitors about what is the meaning of “Status pending”, “Status declined” or “Status Approved”. And we are always there to reply and help our visitors. For maximum convenience, we are going to explain all the meanings of the Sassa application status in 2024.

So, you do not need to be confused again and just check these explanations.

1- Sassa Status Pending:

This is the most common and most appearing status from the Sassa. If you are viewing this status on your screen then you do not need to worry. The simple meaning of this status is:

“Sassa is verifying your application. The Sassa verification process consists of matching the applicant’s information with the database of the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). You need to stay calm and hopeful.”

2- Sassa Status Declined:

Sassa has been distributing social grants since 2005. Millions of people have been served by Sassa since 2005. When a citizen applies for Sassa SRD grant payments, Sassa has to make sure the individual is the deserving person. The meaning of this status is:

“Your Sassa grant application is rejected. You will not get the grant payments.”

3- Sassa Status Failed Due to Identity Verification Failed:

As Sassa relies on third-party databases to verify the social grant applications, applicants must pass the database tests. Here is what does it mean:

“Sassa has found an error or mismatch against your ID information registered in the DHA database.”

4- Status Approved:

If you have seen this code status then here is what it means:

“Congratulations! Your grant application is approved and you are eligible for the grant payments”.

5- Bank Details Pending:

When we discuss the grants, how can we forget about banking details? For the code “bank details pending” you need to know what is about:

“Sassa was unable to find out bank account details on your application. You need to provide your banking details as soon as possible to get paid.”

6- Re-Application Pending:

When you do your Sassa status check and end up with the status “re-application pending” the simple meaning is:

“Sassa is waiting for your reapplication. You need to provide your reapplication if you want to get sassa payments.”

7- Means Income Source Identified:

Sassa uses the Means test system to verify the eligibility of any applicant. This code meaning is:

“You have another source of income like a job or business. You are not approved or eligible for this grant.”

8 – On Hold Status:

“Sassa has put your grant payment status on hold due to some specific reason. It could be inaccurate information, missing documents or other types of errors.”

SASSA Grant Payment Dates for March 2024

Grant MonthOlder Person’sDisabilityChildren
January 202403/01/202404/01/202405/01/2024
February 202402/02/202405/02/202406/02/2024
March 202405/03/202406/03/202407/03/2024
April 202404/04/202405/04/202406/04/2024
May 202403/05/202404/05/202405/05/2024
June 202402/06/202405/06/202406/06/2024
July 202404/07/202405/07/202406/07/2024
August 202402/08/202403/08/202404/08/2024
September 202405/09/202406/09/202407/09/2024
October 202403/10/202404/10/202405/10/2024
November 202402/11/202403/11/202406/11/2024
December 202401/12/202404/12/202405/12/2024

SRD Sassa Status Check on Moya App

If you want to stay updated with your SRD status check then you should use Moya App. This app allows the users to get pop-up message notifications when they are approved or declined for the Sassa payments. This is the process to check your Sassa SRD status online using the Moya App:

  1. Open the Moya App and go to the dashboard screen.
  2. Find out the Discovery section on the bottom navigation menu.
  3. Now check for the “SRD Grant” section and open it.
  4. Enter your ID number and phone number to verify your details.
  5. Tick mark the section “Send notifications” to get all the updates from Sassa grants.
  6. Now submit the details and get your grant application status on your phone.

Sassa Status Check on Phone Call

The old-school method is still here. You need to do:

  1. Make a call on 080 060 1011.
  2. Now wait for the operator to pick up your call.
  3. Be kind to the Sassa operator and then provide your Sassa status check details.
  4. Get your real-time status.

Sassa Status Check on GovChat App

GovChat is an official South African government communication platform that allows citizens to engage with government services and officials. It is an initiative aimed at improving communication between the government and the public.

  1. Open the GovChat application.
  2. Follow the “Check Sassa status online” instructions.
  3. Now get your SRD grant application status.

Sassa Status Check on WhatsApp

  1. Click on 082 046 8553 to open this WhatsApp number into your phone’s dialer
  2. Now save this number as “Sassa Status Check” for your convenience.
  3. Start the chat with this contact and provide your application ID and reference number.
  4. Provide Sassa status PIN to verify your identity.
  5. Get your Sassa status online in WhatsApp chat.

Sassa Status Check via Bank Account

Sassa has introduced another new method in 2024 to check your Sassa status online. This method belongs to your bank account that is linked with your grant. Here is how to do it:

  1. Download your mobile banking app.
  2. Login to your bank account.
  3. Add Sassa grant details in your bank. Enter your reference number and application ID.
  4. Verify all the details with OTP and that’s it.
  5. Now your banking app will inform you about the status of the Sassa application.

Sassa Appeal Status Check

The appeal application status is also available on the Sassa web portal. The process of the Sassa status check appeal is the same as the Sassa status check. You need to enter your SRD application reference number, phone number and application ID.

Your appeal reconsideration status will appear on your device’s screen. If your appeal status is failed then there is no other way to file a complaint.

SASSA SRD Grant Application Process

If you are a person who does not have any source of income, you can apply for an SRD grant to get an R350 payment. Sassa will offer you R350 every month to make your life easy. If you are a deserving person then here is how to apply for it.

Prepare Your Documents:

Gather all necessary documents required for the SRD R350 Grant application. These typically include your identification, proof of residence, and any other documents specified by Sassa.

Visit the Nearest Sassa Office:

Head to the nearest Sassa office in your area. Ensure you are aware of the office hours and any COVID-19 related protocols in place.

Obtain an Application Form:

Pick up an SRD application form from the Sassa office. Alternatively, you can conveniently download the form from the official Sassa website.

Complete the Form:

Fill in the application form with accurate and up-to-date information. Provide all details as requested, ensuring clarity and legibility.

Attach Supporting Documents:

Ensure you attach all the required supporting documents to your application. Double-check to confirm that you have included everything needed to process your application smoothly.

Signature or Thumb Impression:

Sign the application form as required. If you are unable to sign, you can use a thumb impression. Make sure it is clear and matches the provided guidelines.

Review Your Application:

Before submission, carefully review your application to ensure all fields are filled correctly, and all necessary documents are attached.

Submit Your Application:

Hand in your completed application form along with the supporting documents to the Sassa official at the office. If there is a designated submission area, make sure to follow any instructions provided.

Obtain Confirmation Receipt:

Request and keep a receipt or confirmation of your application submission. This will serve as proof and can be helpful for tracking your application status.

How to Get R350 Payments?

1- Bank Account:

If you have a bank account, you can choose to receive your R350 payments through direct deposit. Ensure that your bank details are accurate and up-to-date with Sassa. Payments will be electronically transferred to your bank account.

2- Pick n Pay/ShopRite Store:

Some retail stores, such as Pick n Pay and ShopRite, are offering cash payment options for social grants. You can inquire at the customer service or grants desk of these stores to see if they participate in the R350 payment distribution.

Sassa Debit Gold Card:

Sassa provides a debit card, known as the Sassa Debit Gold Card, to beneficiaries. Payments are loaded onto this card, and you can use it to make purchases, withdraw cash from ATMs, or check your balance. Ensure that your card is activated and in good condition to receive payments.

I Forgot My Sassa Password, How do Reset It?

Visit the Sassa Website:

Go to the official Sassa website. Ensure that you are on the correct and secure website to protect your personal information.

Find the “Forgot Password” Option:

Look for an option on the login page that allows you to reset your password. This will be labelled as “Forgot Password”.

Provide Necessary Information:

You may be required to enter information such as your ID number, username, or registered email address. Provide the required details accurately.

Receive Reset Instructions:

Sassa will send you instructions on how to reset your password to the email address associated with your account. Check your email inbox, including the spam or junk folder, for these instructions.

Follow Reset Instructions:

Follow the instructions provided in the email. This will involve clicking on a link or entering a code to verify your identity and set up a new password.

Choose a Strong Password:

When prompted, choose a new strong password. Ensure that it meets any specified requirements, such as a minimum length or including special characters.

Login with the New Password:

Once you have successfully reset your password, return to the Sassa login page and use your new password to access your account.

Eligibility Criteria for Social Relief of Distress Grant 2024

Here are the complete Sassa Social Relief grant criteria for 2024:

Tips for Sassa SRD Grant Approval

With 10 years of experience and as a former Sassa employee, I have compiled a list of tips that will help you to get Sassa approvals real quickly.

F.A.Qs (2024 Updated)

Is SRD R350 going to end in March 2024?

Yes, the SRD R350 grant is finally going to close in March 2024. The Social Relief of Distress Secial COVID-19 grant was started as a temporary income support. Now the officials decided to end this grant.

What to do if the Sassa status check is not working?

If the Sassa online portal service is not working then you should use other apps and tools to check your grant application status.

What is the ID number for Sassa?

The ID number is your South African Identity Card number.

Why Sassa payments are delayed for March 2024?

The payments are delayed because of the rush of applications. Your payments will arrive shortly.

What is the payment date for the SRD R350 grant?

The payment date for SRD R350 should be 25th of the March 2024.

Why has my Sassa status failed?

These are the reasons for a failed Sassa application:

How to add banking details for Sassa grant funds?

Once your application is approved for Sassa grant funds, you need to add banking information to get payments. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Sassa grant account.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Add your banking details.
  4. Save the form and that’s it.

How to check Sassa status balance on SRD.sassa.gov.za?

You have the facility to check your Sassa status check balance check using your banking details. The process is here:

  1. Visit the Sassa online service portal.
  2. Add your Sassa grant reference ID.
  3. Get your details and balance.

When to appeal for Sassa reconsideration?

You should appeal for Sassa reconsideration if you believe there was an error in the initial decision or if there have been changes in your circumstances that now meet the eligibility criteria. Appeals are typically warranted when you have additional information or evidence to support your case

How long does SASSA take to verify banking details?

Sassa will take 7 to 10 days to verify your banking details. It can take up to 1 month as well.

Can I apply for SRD grant online?

Yes, you can apply for the SRD grant online. Just visit the SRD website and fill out the application form with your personal details. Attach all the required documents and apply.

Can a student apply for a Sassa grant?

No, if you are under 18 then you can not apply for any type of Sassa grant. You need to be at least 18 years old to apply for the grant.

Why is Sassa asking me for my ID?

Sassa has rules and conditions for the applicants. All the applicants must provide their ID if they want to get grant payments.

Can Sassa use my personal or sensitive details?

No, Sassa is a government-operated agency that has very strict rules. You can rest assured that your personal information will remain secure and safe.

How do I know my payment is approved for SRD?

You will get an SMS from Sassa that will inform you about your approval. However, it is necessary to check your status regularly on our website.

My Payment date is arrived but there is no payment in my bank, why?

Contact your bank and SASSA immediately to investigate the delay as your payment date has passed. There might be issues with processing or verifying your payment, and prompt communication is crucial to resolve the issue.

Can I use R350 grant money for my education?

Yes, you are permitted to utilize the SRD R350 grant money for educational purposes. Additionally, for higher education scholarships, consider applying to NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) to explore further funding opportunities.

When will the R350 grant increase to R700?

There is no date for the increase in the payment of the grant. This is fake news on the internet that Sassa is going to increase the grant payment to 700 rands.

My family has 3 adults, can they all apply for an SRD grant?

No, only one adult from one family is allowed to be a beneficiary of the SRD grant.

Can Sassa increase my pension payment?

No, Sassa does not offer any increase in pension payments. However, if you are old then you can apply for an Old Age Pension grant to get monthly stipends.

Who is eligible for the Older Person’s grant?

People who are older than 65 years can apply for this grant.

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