SRD Status Check

How to do SRD Status Check?

Follow these steps to know about how to check your SASSA Status Online.

  • Visit the SRD Status website.
  • Find the “SRD R350 Grant” section and tap on it.
  • Now you will have a page where you can check your SRD status.
  • Enter your ID number (It is your national identity card number).
  • Enter your mobile number (It should be the same as you entered during SRD grant registration).
  • Now tap the “Check SASSA Status” button to get your grant application status live.

How to Check SRD Status On Phone Call (Helpline Number)?

  • Open your mobile phone dial and dial the helpline number “0800 60 10 11” and make a call.
  • Now wait until someone picks up your call.
  • Once there is someone on the other side of the call, you can ask him about your SRD R350 status.
  • He will ask you for your ID number and phone number that you need to provide. So do it.
  • Now the SASSA official agent will inform you about your SRD status.

How to Check SRD Status in the SASSA Office?

  • Visit your nearest SASSA help center office.
  • Go to the Social Relief of Distress Grant department.
  • Now navigate to the reception to ask for your SRD status.
  • The receptionist will ask you for your phone and ID number so provide it.
  • Now you will get your latest R350 status from the receptionist.

Tips for R350 Status Check 2024

Organize Your Information:
Keep all relevant information, such as your application reference number and personal details, noted on a dedicated page or diary. This can help streamline the process when checking your SRD R350 status.

Be Patient, Avoid Rushing:
Take your time when checking your SRD R350 status. Avoid rushing through the process, as it’s important to provide accurate information and ensure a thorough verification of your application status.

Alternative Websites:
If the official SASSA portal is temporarily down or experiencing issues, consider using alternative government websites that may host the status-checking service. Staying informed about different platforms can be beneficial.

Payment Date Awareness:
Once your SRD R350 application is approved, make a habit of checking your designated payment dates. This ensures that you are aware of when to expect the disbursement of funds and can plan accordingly.

Update Banking Details Promptly:
If your SRD R350 application gets approved and requires banking details, don’t forget to add them promptly. This helps expedite the payment process, ensuring you receive financial assistance without unnecessary delays.

Regularly Monitor Communication Channels:
Stay vigilant for any communication from the authorities, whether it’s through SMS, email, or official announcements. Government agencies may provide updates or additional instructions related to your SRD R350 grant.

Secure Your Personal Information:
Be cautious about sharing personal information and login credentials. Use secure networks when accessing online portals and avoid falling for phishing attempts. Safeguarding your information is crucial for the security of your SRD R350 application.