One morning you wake up and go to the SASSA website to check your SRD R350 grant application status. Now you enter your ID number and phone number and hit enter to check your grant approval status, but wait…

You see the message “SASSA Status Failed Due to Identity Verification Failed”…

One thing that comes to your mind is why your application is rejected. While you have provided all the documents and information then why has your status failed? Well, if you are the one who has experienced this scenario then this post is for you.

First of all, I would like to inform you that your SRD R350 application has been rejected. You need to be ready for the appeal and know the reason behind the failed status.

While there are many reasons behind a rejected application, in this scenario, your ID has some issues. Let’s dive deeper and find out the reasons behind this issue.

What is the Meaning of Identity Verification Failed?

“Identity Verification Failed” in the context of SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) means that the verification process, which involves cross-referencing the information provided by the applicant with the databases of the Department of Home Affairs, has encountered discrepancies or mismatches. 

The SASSA system relies on accurate and consistent information to validate the identity of the applicant.

When an applicant receives the message “SASSA Status Failed Due to Identity Verification Failed,” it indicates that the details provided, such as the ID number and possibly other personal information, do not align with the records in the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) database. 

This mismatch could be due to various reasons, including typographical errors, outdated records, or inaccuracies in the information submitted during the application process.

How to Appeal for Failed SASSA Status?

To resolve this issue, applicants are required to undertake the appeal process. During the appeal, individuals may need to provide additional documentation or clarify any discrepancies in their information. 

Applicants must understand the specific reason behind the identity verification failure, as this information will guide them in addressing the issue during the appeal process. Here is the process of appeal for the SRD failed status.

Understand the Reason for Rejection:

Carefully read the rejection message to understand why your application failed the identity verification process. Identify the specific discrepancies or issues mentioned in the rejection notice.

Gather Necessary Information:

Collect all relevant documents that can support your identity and the information provided during the application. Ensure you have your ID document, proof of residence, and any other documents that may be required.

Visit the Nearest SASSA Office:

Locate the nearest SASSA office or service point in your area. Visit the office in person to discuss your case and appeal the rejection.

Speak to a SASSA Official:

Approach a SASSA official or receptionist and explain that your application was rejected due to identity verification issues. Provide them with your ID number and any reference number associated with your application.

Submit Additional Documentation:

If the rejection was due to document-related issues, be prepared to submit additional documents that can verify your identity and address any discrepancies. Ask the SASSA official for guidance on the specific documents needed for your case.

Seek Assistance from SASSA Officials:

Ask for assistance from SASSA officials in understanding the appeal process and any specific steps you need to take. Be polite and patient, as they will guide you through the necessary procedures.

Follow Up on Your Appeal:

After submitting the required documents and information, follow up with SASSA to check the status of your appeal. You may need to inquire about the expected timeline for a decision on your appeal.

What Are Other SASSA Statues?

Besides the failed status, SASSA has other status as well. One of the most common is “Status Pending” and the other is “Status Declined”. So you can also know about these two statuses if you are facing them.


Why did my SASSA status fail due to identity verification issues?

Your application has failed because of discrepancies between the information you provided and the records in the Department of Home Affairs database.

Can I appeal the failed SASSA status, and how do I do it?

Yes, you can appeal. Visit the nearest SASSA office, speak to an official, and provide additional documents to support your identity.

What documents are essential for the SASSA status appeal process?

Gather your ID document, proof of residence, and any additional documents requested by SASSA officials to address identity verification issues.

Is it necessary to visit a SASSA office in person for the appeal?

Yes, it’s recommended to visit a SASSA office in person to discuss your case, submit documents, and seek assistance from officials. However, you can do this online as well.

How long does the SASSA appeal process take?

The timeline varies, but follow up with SASSA after submitting your appeal to check the status and inquire about the expected duration.

Can I get assistance if I face challenges during the SASSA appeal process?

Yes, contact the SASSA helpline for assistance. Provide your ID number and any reference number associated with your application for quicker support.