SASSA introduced the Social Relief of Distress SRD R350 grant in 2020.  The grant was initially supposed to end in January 2021 but has been repeatedly extended due to ongoing economic hardship. The latest extension is currently until March 2024. So if you are considering getting relief from the government, then you have only 2 months behind to apply for this social income support grant.

However, for those, who already have applied for the SRD grant and now they want to know how to change their banking details to receive their payments, this guide is a solution for them.

You will learn about how to change your SRD banking details online to start receiving the R350 payments.

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Disclaimer: We are not SASSA officials. You should not provide your banking details to us or any other website on the internet except

How to Change Banking Details for SRD R350 SASSA Online?

There are two methods to change banking details for the SRD grant. One is online and the other is using traditional means like phone calls and in-person visits to the office of SASSA.

How to Change Banking Details for SRD R350 SASSA Online
  1. Go to which is the official SASSA grant website.
  2. Now you need to copy this line “How do I change my banking details” and find it on the website of SASSA. You can use the command, CTRL+F to find the keyword on the SASSA website.
  3. Open this option and enter your ID number (South African ID number).
  4. Add your new or updated banking details to the provided fields. Make sure to proofread your details before submitting them.
  5. Now submit the details and you will get a confirmation SMS from the SASSA. It will confirm that your banking information has been received and will be updated soon.

How to Change Banking Details Using a Phone Call and Office Visit?

Here are the steps to change your banking details for the SASSA SRD R350 grant:

How to Change Banking Details Using a Phone Call and Office Visit
  1. Call the SASSA call centre on 0800 60 10 11 to request a banking detail change form. Or visit your nearest SASSA office to collect the form.
  2. Complete the ‘SASSA Account Verification Form’ in full. This includes your name, ID number, contact details, old bank details, and new bank details.
  3. Gather your supporting documents:
    1. Original ID document and copy.
    2. SASSA card and copy.
    3. Proof of bank account details (bank statement/letter from bank).
  4. Submit the completed form and supporting documents to your nearest SASSA office by hand. Keep the receipt as proof of submission.
  5. Wait for a confirmation SMS from SASSA indicating that your details were updated successfully.
  6. You can check with your bank after the next payment date to confirm if your grant was received into the new account.
  7. If you did not receive payment after 2 months, log a SASSA inquiry or visit an office to query the status of your change request.

Important to note it can take up to 2 months for the banking detail changes to be effective on the SASSA system before grants get switched to the new account. Also, your SASSA status check will be pending for this period and you need to wait.

So allow some time for processing and check your old account in the interim.

How to Change Banking Details for SRD R350 Grant Payment?

Here are the steps to change your banking details for the SRD R350 grant online on the SASSA website:

How to Change Banking Details for SRD R350 Grant Payment
  1. Go to the SASSA SRD portal:
  2. Log in to your account using your SASSA card number, date of birth, and identity number. Select the ‘Login / Update’ button.
  3. Click on the ‘Personal Details’ section, and click on the ‘Update Details’ button.
  4. Under the ‘Banking Details’ section, enter your new bank account details – bank name, branch code, account number, and account type.
  5. Make sure to go through your other details and update your contact information if needed. Otherwise, just skip to Step 6.
  6. Before saving changes, check a box to confirm you have provided valid and correct details.
  7. Click the ‘Save/confirm changes’ button to submit your new banking details.
  8. A reference number will be generated for your request. Make note of this for checking the status.
  9. After submission, wait 5 days and then login again to check the status of your application.
  10. If it is updated to show your new bank details, then your grant payments should now go into the new account.

Be sure to provide all supporting documents when requested to avoid issues or delays in the change request processing. If you experience any problems, contact SASSA to query what is outstanding.

What Are the Required Supporting Documents for Changing the Banking Details?

The key supporting documents that you need to provide when changing your banking details for the SASSA SRD R350 grant are:

  • Copy of your ID document: This needs to be a clear copy of your current green barcoded ID book or smartcard ID. Remember to include both sides of the ID copy showing your details, photo, and address.
  • Proof of bank account: This should be an original bank statement or an official bank letter verifying your account details. It should have your name, the bank logo, branch information, account number, and account type visible. Printed or online statements are accepted.
  • Copy of your SASSA Card: Provide a copy of the front and back of your current SASSA card if you have one. This shows your SASSA ID number.
  • Signed Authority Form: In some cases, SASSA may request you sign an Authority to Verify Details Form to confirm your request and consent.

Having these supporting documents ready will help ensure your banking detail change can be processed without any issues or delays. Remember that copies must be clear and legible. Let the SASSA officer know if you require assistance with making any copies of documents.

What Are Other Methods to Receive SRD Payments?

Aside from receiving the SRD R350 grant directly into a bank account, there are some other payment methods that SASSA allows for recipients who may not have their own bank account:

  • SASSA Card: This is an SASSA-issued debit card that grants can be loaded onto every month instead of using a bank account. You can apply for this card at the SASSA offices.
  • Cash Send eWallet: This allows grant payments to be sent to a mobile wallet linked to your phone number. You can withdraw cash from retailers without needing a bank card.
  • Post Office Payment: SRD grant recipients can also opt to get their monthly payment at selected Post Office branches across South Africa, by using their ID and SASSA card.
  • Cash Pay Points: In some cases, SASSA may approve cash pay points for an area e.g. community halls, where recipients can go to collect grant payments in cash once a month.

What Are the Benefits Of Using a Bank Account To Receive R350 Payments?

Here are the main benefits of using a bank account to receive your monthly SRD R350 grant payments:

  • Security – Bank accounts offer more security for your funds than carrying cash. Your money is protected in the rare event your card is lost or stolen.
  • Convenience – With a bank account you can withdraw your grant money at any time from widespread ATM and retailer cashpoints across South Africa. It avoids queues at pay points.
  • Payment Notification – Bank accounts allow you to get SMS notifications as soon as your grant is paid each month, so you know when funds are available.
  • Records – Bank statements provide an ongoing record of deposits and withdrawals of your grant funds, which helps track spending and cash flow.
  • No cash limits – Bank accounts allow access to your full grant value without caps on cash withdrawals that may be in place at pay points.
  • Better budgeting – Seeing all your grant payments come into one account makes it easier to control expenses and budget each month. You avoid missing funds or delays when relying solely on cash withdrawals.


How long does it take for the bank change to take effect? 

It can take 1 to 2 months for the change to be updated on the SASSA payment system before your grant will go into your new account.

Do I need to notify my old bank that I changed details?

No, you only submit the change details to SASSA, not directly to any bank.

Can I still withdraw on old bank account during the change process? 

Yes, your old account remains active for withdrawals for 1-2 months until the SASSA system updates to your new account information.

What happens if the incorrect account number is submitted to SASSA? 

If the account details contain an error, your payments could get misdirected into an incorrect account with no access.

Will my personal information be safe when changing banks? 

SASSA keeps personal beneficiary data protected and private according to POPI Act data security policies.

How do I get an SASSA SRD card for a child?

A parent or guardian must visit the SASSA office and complete an application for the child’s own SASSA card linked with SRD payment.

Can SASSA deposits go into a joint bank account? 

Yes, SASSA allows joint accounts as long as the ID number registered for the grant matches one of the account holders.