So you were trying to submit the SASSA SRD grant application on and you were stuck on SASSA OTP? Are you facing a delay in receiving the SASSA One Time PIN (OTP) to complete your SRD R350 application? You are in luck.

With my tested and easy-to-follow method, you can now get your OTP instantly. You all need to follow my footprints and get your OTP right now. However, I will also share all the important details about the SASSA OTP. So stay relaxed and read this guide thoroughly.

What is SASSA OTP?


The SASSA OTP refers specifically to the 6-digit temporary password applicants receive when submitting the online application for the R350 COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant in South Africa.

When an individual applies for this temporary grant through the SASSA online portal, they need to provide their cell phone number as part of the application process. SASSA then sends a randomly generated 6-digit OTP to this number.

The applicant must enter this OTP when prompted on the online application to verify they have access to the cell phone number provided. This extra verification step helps ensure the application is legitimate and prevents fraud through the use of fake or inaccurate phone numbers.

Why Is My OTP Not Receiving?

There are a few potential reasons why you may not be receiving the one-time PIN (OTP) to verify your phone number when applying for the SASSA R350 grant online:

Incorrect phone number provided

The most common reason is that you may have entered an incorrect phone number on your online application. Double-check that the phone number you provided matches the number associated with the SIM card in your phone. Make sure there are no typos or missing digits.

Network connectivity issues

There could be some network problems that are preventing the OTP message from delivering. Ensure your phone has a cellular signal and that mobile data or WiFi is turned on. Move to an area with better connectivity and try requesting the OTP again. Restart your phone to refresh the mobile connection.

SMS inbox is full

Your SMS inbox storage on your phone may have reached capacity. This can prevent new messages like the OTP from coming through. Clear some space in your old messages to allow new SMS texts to be received.

Technical issues from the SASSA side

Sometimes delays or failures of OTP delivery may be due to temporary technical glitches with SASSA’s system. The high application volumes can place strain on their IT systems. Be patient and try requesting the OTP again later.

Wrong phone number registered with SASSA

SASSA may have an outdated or incorrect phone number on record for you. In this case, the OTP would be sent to the wrong number. You need to update your contact information with SASSA by visiting your nearest regional office.

How to Get SASSA OTP Successfully?

Here are some useful tips to help ensure you receive the one-time PIN (OTP) successfully when applying for South Africa’s SASSA R350 grant online:

What is SASSA OTP For ATM Cash Withdrawal?

When a SASSA grant beneficiary goes to withdraw their monthly grant from an ATM, POS device, or other cash outlet, they need this OTP in addition to their SASSA card. The OTP is a randomly generated 6-digit number that is valid for a limited time, usually a few minutes.

After entering their SASSA card, the beneficiary will be prompted by the device to enter their OTP. This extra step helps protect beneficiaries against fraud or unauthorized access to their grants. The OTP prevents criminals from being able to withdraw money with only a stolen SASSA card. Requiring a one-time, temporary password helps ensure the person accessing the funds is the legitimate beneficiary.


What is the SASSA OTP used for?

The SASSA OTP helps verify your phone number when applying for the R350 grant online.

Why am I not receiving the SASSA OTP?

Potential issues like incorrect numbers entered, network problems, or full inboxes could prevent OTP delivery.

How long does the SASSA OTP stay valid?

The OTP usually expires after 5-10 minutes for security reasons.

How many times can I request the SASSA OTP?

You typically can request to resend the OTP 2-3 times within a certain timeframe.

I lost my SASSA OTP. What should I do?

Don’t worry, you can simply select to have a replacement OTP sent to your phone number again.

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