SASSA is helping people who are physically or mentally disabled and who can not earn for their needs due to their disability. If you are a South African citizen who has been suffering from a severe disability for longer than 6 months then you can apply for the SASSA Disability grant today.

From application to getting paid, you are going to learn about all the details of the SASSA Disability grant.

Disability Grant Monthly Payout: R2 090 per month

What is a Disability Grant?

SASSA Disability Grant

A SASSA Disability Grant is a social assistance grant provided by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) to eligible South African citizens with disabilities. Some key things to know about it:

  • It provides a monthly cash payment to recipients to help them meet their basic needs as they are unable to fully support themselves due to their disability. The amount paid varies depending on factors like income.
  • To qualify, one must be a South African citizen, resident, or refugee between the ages of 18-59 years (for males) or 18-60 years (for females). They must also submit medical proof confirming their disability.
  • Disabilities that qualify include physical disability, mental disability, intellectual disability, or sensory disability such as sight, hearing, and communication disability. The disability must prevent the person from entering the job market.
  • There is an income threshold – you can only earn up to a certain amount per month through other sources apart from the grant in order to qualify.
  • The grant is means-tested – meaning an assessment is done on your financial means before awarding the grant. Assets and income are considered.

How to Get the SASSA Disability Grant?

Here is a step-by-step process for how to apply for the SASSA Disability Grant in South Africa:

  • Check Eligibility First confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria outlined above in terms of age, citizenship/residency status, income threshold, and having a qualifying disability.
  • Gather Required Documents You will need a copy of your ID, proof of disability (medical report confirming disability), proof of income and assets, and any other relevant supporting documents.
  • Complete Application Form You can obtain the application forms from your nearest SASSA office or download them from the SASSA website. Fill it in completely and accurately.
  • Submit Application at SASSA Office Submit your completed application form along with all supporting documents at your closest SASSA regional office OR at an authorized SASSA service point.
  • Await Outcome SASSA will review your application, and may follow up with interviews or requests for more information. You will receive a letter informing you of the outcome.
  • Evaluation and Assessment If your application is approved, you will be advised to appear before a medical assessment panel when requested to evaluate your eligibility. Attend when scheduled.
  • SASSA Card Application If declared eligible, you will need to complete a card application form for your SASSA card which will be loaded with your monthly funds.
  • Card Activation and PIN Set-up Activate your new card at a local SASSA office or ATM and set up your secure PIN number.
  • Monthly Payments If all goes smoothly, you will start receiving your monthly disability grant payments in your SASSA account every month.

Who Qualifies for Disability Grant in 2024?

Here are the detailed eligibility criteria to qualify for a Disability Grant from SASSA in 2024:

  • You must be between 18-59 years old (for males) or 18-60 years old (for females).
  • You must be a South African citizen, permanent resident, or refugee residing in South Africa.
  • You must have a confirmed physical, mental, intellectual, or sensory disability, certified by a valid medical report from a registered medical practitioner.
  • Your disability must have the effect of making you unable to obtain employment or render you unable to do so. Thus it prevents you from providing adequately for yourself.
  • You should not be earning money from any source other than the grant above the income threshold set by SASSA annually. For 2024, the income threshold to qualify for the full disability grant amount is set at R6,840 per month if single, or R13,680 combined monthly income if married.
  • You must not have assets exceeding R1 277 600 if single, and R2455 200 if married. This includes property (excluding primary residence), cash savings and investments, etc.
  • You must be a permanent resident of South Africa and living within the country.

Can I Apply for an Older Person’s Grant Along with Disability Grant?

No, you cannot receive both the Older Person’s Grant and the Disability Grant from SASSA at the same time.

The Disability Grant and Older Person’s Grant have similar objectives of providing financial assistance to those unable to fully provide for themselves. So an individual is only entitled to receive one or the other.

If you already received the Older Person’s Grant and then later acquired a disability, you will need to cancel your Older Person’s Grant first before applying for the Disability Grant.

Or if you acquire a disability before the age that qualifies you for an Older Person’s Grant (which is age 60 for males or females), then you would apply for the Disability Grant only until you reach the age cut-off.

At age 60, you would no longer renew your Disability Grant but rather switch to applying for the Older Person’s Grant meant for senior citizens 60 years and above needing financial aid.

This ensures that limited social assistance resources go towards supporting the genuinely needy as SASSA avoids double-dipping or paying two grants towards the same purpose for one beneficiary.


What is the SASSA Disability Grant, and who is eligible to apply?

The SASSA Disability Grant is financial assistance provided to individuals with disabilities in South Africa. Eligibility is determined based on the severity of the disability and its impact on daily functioning.

How can I apply for the SASSA Disability Grant?

To apply for the SASSA Disability Grant, visit your nearest SASSA office, complete the application form, and submit the required medical documentation and proof of income.

What types of disabilities qualify for the SASSA Disability Grant?

The grant considers a range of disabilities, including physical, sensory, and mental impairments. Medical assessments are conducted to determine the extent of the disability and its impact on the individual’s ability to work.

Is there an age restriction for the SASSA Disability Grant?

No, there is no specific age restriction for the SASSA Disability Grant. Both children and adults with qualifying disabilities can apply for and receive this financial assistance.

How often is the SASSA Disability Grant paid, and in what form?

The SASSA Disability Grant is typically paid on a monthly basis through various payment methods, including bank transfers, cash payments at designated pay points, or through the SASSA card.

Can I appeal if my SASSA Disability Grant application is denied?

Yes, if your application is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision. You can submit additional documentation or provide further information to support your case during the appeal process.