Apply Online for COVID-19 SASSA SRD R350 Grant

Are you unemployed? Do you want to get R370 for every month? Apply online for the COVID-19 SASSA SRD R350 grant today and get a monthly stipend to make your living better. SASSA introduced the Social Relief of Distress R350 grant in 2020 while COVID-19 was spreading unemployment.

You can apply for this social relief grant and become an SASSA SRD grant beneficiary for 2024 and 2025. Let’s see how to apply for an SRD grant online and in the office. Also, you can check your SRD status check for your SRD grant application in no time.

What Documents Are Required for SRD Grant Application?

Once eligibility is confirmed, gather the necessary documentation to streamline the application process. The following documents are typically required:

  • South African ID or Green Card
  • Special Permit if you are an asylum seeker
  • Postal address proof
  • Banking details (Account number etc)
  • Mobile phone number
  • Bank statement

1) Apply for the SASSA SRD Grant Online

Recipients can apply for the SASSA SRD grant online easily. However, if you wish to visit the SASSA office to submit the grant application then you can do it as well. For an online SDR R350 grant application, you need to follow these steps:

Apply for the SASSA SRD Grant Online

Visit /sc19/application:

Everyone should know that the only online application platform is the SASSA SRD official website. Please do not visit any other platform to submit your SRD application. You need to visit /sc19/application and start your R350 grant application process.

The official website will ask about your South African citizenship which you need to choose. You will get two options that you can pick:

Click on the “Click Here to Apply Online” Button:

On the official SASSA website, you will see a button with the text “Click Here to Apply Online”. From here, your SRD grant application process will start.

Fill Out the SRD Grant Application Form on

On this page, you will need to enter your ID number and phone number to get the application form online. Once you see the application form, you will need to fill it out. Here are the personal information that you need to submit:

  • Your legal full name.
  • Your South African ID number.
  • Phone number.
  • Email address.
  • Banking details.

Enter your Banking Details at

Your last step is about your banking details. This is a very crucial step as you can not get your grant payment without adding your banking details. Get your bank account number and enter it into the application form. Now submit the form and get the SASSA reference ID for the proof of application.

2) SRD Application via WhatsApp:

Another way is to use your WhatsApp account and apply for a Special COVID-19 SRD grant.

  1. Save the SASSA WhatsApp number “0600 123 456” on your device.
  2. Start the chat with SASSA.
  3. Send your SASSA ID number and ask for your SRD application.
  4. You will get a response from SASSA once your details are verified.
  5. Now submit your details to the SASSA SRD application form and submit the form.

3) SASSA SRD Application On Moya App:

Moya is a mobile app developed by biNu, a South African technology company. The Moya app provides a platform for various services and features tailored specifically to users in South Africa. Using this app, recipients of the SASSA grant can apply for the SRD grant online without using mobile data.

Here is what to do:

  1. Install the Moya App on your smartphone.
  2. Navigate to the “Discover” section.
  3. Now choose the SRD Grant option.
  4. This app will launch a secure link where you can fill out the SASSA registration form with valid personal details.
  5. Provide your details and submit the form online.

SRD Grant Application via SASSA Office

If you want to apply for the SASSA SRD R350 grant and prefer to do it in person at a SASSA office, follow these steps:

  1. To begin, you’ll need to find the nearest SASSA office in your area. You can easily find the addresses of SASSA offices on our website.
  2. Before visiting the SASSA office, make sure you have the necessary documents with you. These include:
    • Your South African ID (Identity Document) or Smart ID Card.
    • Proof of address (like a utility bill or official letter).
    • Any additional documents that SASSA requires (like proof of unemployment).
  3. Once you have all your documents ready, visit the SASSA office during their working hours. Be prepared for potential queues, especially during peak times.
  4. When you arrive at the office, explain that you’re there to apply for the SASSA SRD R350 grant. A SASSA officer will guide you through the application process. They provide you with a form to fill out or assist you with an online application is available at the office.
  5. Fill out the application form carefully and accurately. Make sure all the required information is provided and that you’ve attached any necessary documents.
  6. After completing the form and attaching the required documents, submit your application to the SASSA officer. They will provide you with a receipt or confirmation of your application.

SASSA SRD Grant Eligibility Criteria

Before diving into the application process, it is crucial to understand the eligibility criteria set by SASSA. To qualify for the R350 grant, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Should have a South African ID card, green book, or special permit.
  • The age is between 18 to 60.
  • Should be unemployed or earning less than R624 per month if single.
  • Not receive any form of income or government assistance, including UIF or NSFAS
  • Must be affected by COVID-19 disaster.
  • Should not have assets like homes and cars.
Updated: 9 June 2024 — 6:22 pm

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